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Babette's Feast [1987] (DVD)



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Fully restored, Gabriel Axel s celebrated Oscar-winning classic remains as charming, entertaining and mouth-watering as ever.Adapted from a story by Out of Africa author Isak Dinesen, it tells the story of a 19th Century religious community on Denmark s remote and windswept coast. Into this austere environment comes Babette, a mysterious refugee from France s civil war.When she mounts a French gourmet feast to mark the community s anniversary, the local elders are scandalized. Just who is the strangely talented Babette, who has terrified this pious town with the prospect of losing their souls for enjoying too much earthly pleasure?Winner of the 1988 Oscar for best Foreign Language FilmWinner of the 1989 BAFTA for Best Foreign Language Film

Running Time: 102 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 25 Feb. 2013

Product Details

Release Date25 Feb. 2013
Number of Discs1
ActorsStephane Audren|Bodil Kjer|Birgitte Federspiel
DirectorsGabriel Axel
Run Time102 minutes