Lotus Eaters - Complete Series 1 (DVD)


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To eat the fruit of the lotus is to lose the desire to return home. But everyone who does has a reason. Shepherd's Bar is a focal point for a group of expatriates living in and around a small town on the island of Crete. The bar is owned and run by reformed alcoholic Erik Shepherd (Ian Hendry). For Erik temptation is never far away, and his faltering marriage to Ann (Wanda Ventham) provides solace. The arrival of Englishman Donald Culley (James Kerry) causes something of a stir. Culley is charming, handsome and by his generosity he quickly wins over other members of the little community. But Culley knows that the long-suffering Ann has a secret of her own, a secret that could prove far more destructive than Erik's drinking... Never before available on DVD, this classic series is a collection of nine self-contained plays, each telling the story of a different member of the community. Each story is skilfully woven into the continuing sub-plot about the deteriorating relationship between the mysterious Erik and Ann Shepherd. Review Tantalisingly Watchable --The Daily Telegraph

Running Time: 454 minutes
Region: Region 2
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 2 Nov. 2009

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Release Date09/10/2006
Number of Discs2
ActorsIan Hendry|James Kerry|Wanda Ventham
Run Time454 minutes