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Q Volume 2: Series 4 And 5 (Q8 Q9) (DVD)



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BAFTA-winning director Ray Butt (Only Fools and Horses) takes the helm for the final two series of Spike Milligan s anarchic sketch show recorded in front of and occasionally featuring a wide-eyed studio audience. Qs 8 and 9 were made in quick succession in 1979 and 1980 after the BBC initially delayed re-commissioning the series until the Monty Python team departed TV-land. This was despite the impact the original Q5 of 1969 had on the world of alternative comedy. At a time when Kenny Everett and Not the Nine O Clock News were further testing the limits of TV comedy the former Goon leads a cast of co-performers including John Bluthal Bob Todd Julia Breck Alan Clare and a self-parodying David Lodge in yet more surreal outrageous and determinedly under-prepared sketches. Running gags and familiar tropes prevail with Adolf Hitler Arab sheiks idiot Boy Scouts and the Royal Family subject to scattergun ridicule while musical interludes from Spike pianist Ed Welch and occasional guest singers age the shows a little more harshly than the main man s virulently anti-PC humour.

Running Time: 335 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 27 Feb. 2017

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Release Date27/02/2017
ActorsSpike Milligan|John Bluthal|Bob Todd|Julia Breck|Alan Clare
DirectorsRay Butt
Run Time335 minutes