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The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs: The Complete Series (DVD)



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Created by Humphrey Barclay to showcase the emerging talents of a young David Jason, this Cold War comedy series charts the inexplicable successes of Edgar Briggs a clueless counter-espionage agent who inspires fear in the hearts of enemy agents, and sheer terror amongst his fellow colleagues!Somehow, the bungling Briggs has reached a position of responsibility within the Intelligence Service, and directs a team of sensible men and women. Despite their attempts to restrain him, he still manages to cause chaos wherever he goes. Yet Briggs always gets his man; the reason could be that, judging others by his own standards, he believes that everyone else is a fool...

Running Time: 330 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 2 Mar. 2015

Product Details

Release Date02/03/2015
Number of Discs2
ActorsDavid Jason|Barbara Angell|Elizabeth Counsell|Noel Coleman|Gary Waldhorn
DirectorsBryan Izzard|Bruce Gowers
Run Time330 minutes