Still Open all Hours - Series 1 + 2013 Christmas Special (DVD)



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Open All Hours is back after 28 years. This new six part series together with the original 2013 Christmas special sees Sir David Jason reprise his role as Granville who has inherited the corner shop from his beloved but miserly Uncle Arkwright. Now running the business with his cheerful and good looking son, Leroy, who was the result of a whirlwind romance one night in Blackpool twenty odd years ago - the poor lad has never really met his mother and Granville does his best to keep it that way. Granville continues to serve the locals with a keen eye on a clever profit from familiar and new faces including Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, the formidable Mrs. Featherstone and pessimitic Wet Eric. He is also still trying to woo the lovely Mavis who is now under the watchful eye of her fearsome sister, Madge and Granville tries to find a way through with help from his new neighbour, Gastric.

Running Time: 210 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 2 Feb. 2015

Product Details

Release Date02/02/2015
Number of Discs1
ActorsDavid Jason|Lynda Baron|James Baxter|Stephanie Cole|Brigit Forsyth
DirectorsDewi Humphreys
Run Time210 minutes