The Cedar Tree - Complete Series 2 (DVD)



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Created by Upstairs, Downstairs' Alfred Shaughnessy, this major series charts the fortunes of a fictional aristocratic family, the Bournes of Larkfield Manor, through the turbulent years leading up to the Second World War - an upheaval that would change their world forever.A huge success for ITV, The Cedar Tree picked up the reigns for classy period drama from Upstairs Downstairs and is the precursor to today's highly popular costume dramas such as Cranford and Downton Abbey.As storm clouds gather in Europe, the Bourne girls remain preoccupied with the quest for husbands; Vicky hopes to marry German ámigrá Klaus, and her sister Liz's stormy relationship causes concern for their father, Arthur. Shockwaves from disturbing events abroad are also felt at Larkfield, as Arthur finds himself characterised as a Nazi apologist and Vicky's closest friend Laura returns from Munich with an unsettling new sense of purpose...

Running Time: 600 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 16 Sept. 2013

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Release Date16/09/2013
Number of Discs3
ActorsPhilip Latham|Susan Skipper|Sally Osborn|Joyce Carey|Carol Royle
DirectorsDarryl Blake|David Foster|Ian Fordyce|Dorothy Denham|Keith Farthing
Run Time600 minutes