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British Musicals of the 1930s Vol. 5 (DVD)



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From playful romantic comedies to variety extravaganzas the pre-war British musical films offered audiences a source of much-needed escapism throughout the decade haunted by the Great Depression and the growing menace of war. Often adapting much-loved hits of the music hall as well as serving as vehicles for the era's composers performers and band leaders they showcased home-grown talent alongside some of Hollywood's most bankable stars.This ongoing multi-volume collection makes available a wealth of rare gems from the very earliest days of the British talkies many of which have remained unseen since their original release each film is presented uncut in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.HAPPY (1934)A young musician invents an anti-theft device for cars but works as a jazz conductor while waiting for his invention to be successful.Black and White / 77 mins / 1.37:1 / Mono / EnglishINVITATION TO THE WALTZ (1935)London 1804: as the threat of Napoleonic invasion looms ever closer a German duke and potential ally of England falls for a pretty ballerina...Black and White / 75 mins / 1.37:1 / Mono / EnglishGLAMOROUS NIGHT (1937)Based on Ivor Novello's hit stage play: an opera singer and her gypsy friends try to rescue their king from the clutches of a would-be dictator.Black and White / 71 mins / 1.37:1 / Mono / EnglishLET'S MAKE A NIGHT OF IT (1937)Unbeknown to each other a husband and wife acquire separate nightclubs in the same London street however both clubs are on the brink of bankruptcy...Black and White / 88 mins / 1.37:1 / Mono / English

Running Time: 311 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 1 Feb. 2016

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Release Date01/02/2016
ActorsStanley Lupino|Laddie Cliff|Lilian Harvey|Buddy Rogers|June Clyde
DirectorsFriedrich Zelnik|Paul Merzbach|Brian Desmond Hurst|Graham Cutts
Run Time311 minutes