The Great Jim Reeves 8CD Set (50th Anniversary Commemorati




THIS 8 CD SET CONTAINS A LOT OF NEW MUSIC. In "The Great Jim Reeves," VoiceMasters - which has premiered so many NEW and previously unreleased songs by Jim - and producer Larry Jordan, have taken many of Mr. Reeves' best-loved songs as well as some obscure recordings that will be new to you, stripped them down to get rid of some of the original instrumentation and remastered Jim's voice for greater clarity than ever before. His vocals were then combined with tasteful new accompaniment. By using some of the world's top musicians, background singers and orchestrators, (including current members of the Grand Ole Opry band), these old tracks sparkle with a rich new luster, making them sound like Mr. Reeves just recorded them today! (Of the more than 170 tracks, there are 92 songs with new musical backings for a fresh sound!) "The Great Jim Reeves" 8-CD set comes in a handsome, unique, silver-trimmed and high-gloss durable case which opens like a book. The track listings are displayed on two panels which then fold open to reveal all 8 CDs in convenient storage pockets. There's also a 48-pg booklet inside called "Songs & Recordings" (18,000 words!) in which Larry Jordan (author of the award-winning, 672-page book, "Jim Reeves: His Untold Story"), provides fascinating notes on each song. Even if you have purchased everything that VM and/or H&H have released on Jim in the past, there are still 42 NEW OVERDUBS contained in "The Great Jim Reeves" of RCA masters that you've never heard before and are released here for the first time. Two songs made EU Top Ten July 2014, including a #1! Billboard and Country Music People have lavished praise on this set!

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