Mantovani's Music From the Movies - The Mantovani TV Specials (DVD)



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Mantovani was the most successful orchestra leader of his time, selling over 60 million albums in his career. Mantovani also recorded over 30 half-hour TV specials for world-wide syndication in 1958 and Mantovani's Music From the Movies features three TV shows: Stars Of Stage And Screen, Film Encores and Favourites Forever. Special guests include Petula Clark, Dorothy Collins, Monia Liter.

Running Time: 80 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 22 Sept. 2014

Product Details

Release Date22/09/2014
Number of Discs1
ActorsMantovani|John Conte|Petula Clark|The Tiller Girls
DirectorsRobert Lynn
Run Time80 minutes