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Ancient Rome (6 Disc) [DVD]




THE RISE OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE Two thousand years ago one civilisation held the entire Western world in its grasp. From Northern Europe to Africa it imposed laws ideas and a single language. Rome was the superpower of the ancient world but during her dramatic rise it was not always easy to separate virtue from vice or hero from villain. LEGIONS OF CONQUEST They began as proud defenders of their city and became the most successful warriors in history. Roman legions conquered nation after nation and in doing so fashioned the greatest empire of all time. This programme is a saga of proud men and almost unending triumph. SEDUCTION OF POWER At the height of her powers Rome s army controlled three continents and fifty million people lived under her laws. Her empire was the greatest political prize the world had known. This is the story of those who would do anything to win it. GRASP OF AN EMPIRE Rome conquered with the brute force of her military machine sweeping entire peoples into her empire. For those defeated nations life would never be the same again. Travel back in time and experience the exporting of the Roman world through her glory years of triumph CULT OF ORDER Romans thought they had united the world. But after centuries of conquest and glory resentment festered within. Repression and chaos replaced tolerance and order and cults of dissent emerged that threatened to divide the empire forever. This programme tracks the corruption of the values that made Rome great as excellence gave way to excess. THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE Rome had united vast lands and created more prosperity stability and peace than ever before. But in the 3rd century AD civil war engulfed the empire and from every direction enemies gathered in for the kill. The inevitable occurred in 410 AD when Rome the historic heart of the Empire was sacked.

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Release Date: 17 Sept. 2012

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Release Date17 Sept. 2012
Number of Discs6