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The programme explores how this formidable character was formed during an early life set against the most turbulent events in British history: The Boer War, The First World War and The General Strike. This documentary charts his time on the fringes of politics during the Wilderness Years' of the 1930s and how when he returned to lead the country as Prime Minister his powerful speeches inspired the nation to fight the Second World War. Churchill follows his career after victory and shows how the now legendary leader coped with the decline of his power and the onset of old age.Special FeaturesRecreating ChurchillDiaries and Letters (Winston to Randolph, 1929; Winston to Clementine, 1942; Winston to Clementine, 1916)The Early YearsWartime LeaderFamily Recollections.

Running Time: 188 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 9 Jun. 2014

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Release Date12/05/2014
Number of Discs1
ActorsWinston Churchill|John Baddeley|Clementine Churchill
Run Time188 minutes