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The Railway Children - 40th Anniversary Edition



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THE RAILWAY CHILDREN tells the story of the Waterburys, whose happy middle-class existence is shattered one night when their father leaves the family home without explanation, in the company of two mysterious strangers. Falling on hard times, Mother moves them to a cottage in the country where the children become fascinated with the nearby railroad. Waving faithfully to the passengers everyday, their vigilance and courage helps prevent an accident and their kind-heartedness soon wins them many friends “ not least of all The Old Gentleman who may be able to help them solve the mystery of their father's disappearance. An instant classic on its release, the film made a star out of Jenny Agutter and has proved to be enchanting to children and adults alike. THE RAILWAY CHILDREN is based on the novel by E Nesbit, author of Five Children And It.

Running Time 104 minutes
Region Region 2

Release Date 03/05/2010

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Release Date03/05/2010
ActorsDinah Sheridan|Bernard Cribbins|William Mervyn|Iain Cuthbertson|Jenny Agutter
DirectorsLionel Jeffries
Run Time104 minutes