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The Last Templar - Complete Mini-Series (DVD)



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The Last Templar is based on the International New York Times best selling book by Raymond Khoury.It's 1291 AD, following the fall of Acre, a small party of Knights Templar leave the city with a small chest and a terrible secret. Their ship, the Falcon Temple, is damaged in a ferocious storm at sea and sinks. One of the Knights is mortally wounded and dies after hiding a small leather pouch under a gravestone. He charges the remainder of the ship's company to deliver an encoded letter to the Head of the Templars.The last surviving Knight reaches Paris in 1314, just in time to see the Grand Master being burned at the stake after refusing to reveal the location of the Templars' treasure. The last Knight commits himself to maintaining the legend of the Templars' threat to the Catholic Church. With non stop action, violence and bloody recreations of the Knight Templars last stand.

Running Time: 193 minutes
Region: Region 2
Subtitles: None
Release Date: 19 Mar. 2012

Product Details

Release Date19 Mar. 2012
Number of Discs1
ActorsMira Sorvino|Scott Foley|Victor Garber|Don Jordan|Larry Day
DirectorsPaolo Barzman
Run Time193 minutes