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From the late 1930s to the mid 1940s,Deanna Durbin was one of the most popular singing stars in the world. Her Hollywood musicals were a hit with the critics and the public alike and she was adored by countless millions of fans. The world reeled when, in 1948, Deanna suddenly announced that she was to retire from film-making at the age of just 27 and her name has since passed into Hollywood legend. Blessed with the voice of an angel, Deanna Durbin is now best remembered for her superb performances as a singer, but she was also an exceptionally gifted actress and comedienne. The five films included in this collection capture Deanna at the height of her career, singing many of her best-loved songs and leaving us with performances to cherish. 100 MEN AND A GIRL A young girl tries to persuade a world famous composer to form an orchestra for unemployed Musicians. This box office smash was nominated for five Oscars. MAD ABOUT MUSIC A lonely young girl banished to boarding school persuades a complete stranger to pretend to be her father. Deanna Durbin is absolutely irresistible in this charming musical comedy which was nominated for four Academy Awards. THREE SMART GIRLS Three mischievous sisters try to stop their father from re-marrying a heartless gold-digger! BECAUSE OF HIM A sweet young waitress tricks her way to Broadway stardom and ends up with a lot of explaining to do! Light, witty and bubbling with fun, BECAUSE OF HIM includes Deanna Durbin singing Lover and Goodbye as well as performing a truly outstanding version of Danny Boy . CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY A very grown up Deanna Durbin gives a bravura performance as a sleazy nightclub singer in this intense Film Noir Hollywood classic. A rare opportunity to see Deanna Durbin truly excel in an unusual and demanding role.

Running Time: 427 minutes
Region: Region 2

Release Date: 1 Aug. 2011

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Release Date04/07/2011
Number of Discs5
ActorsDeanna Durbin|Franchot Tone|Gene Kelly|Binnie Barnes|Charles Laughton
DirectorsRichard Wallace|Robert Siodmak|Norman Taurog|Henry Koster
Run Time427 minutes