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Mario Lanza - The Best Of Everything (DVD)



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Mario Lanza was the most famous tenor the world had ever known. His voice was big and powerful rich and golden with a dazzling top that thrilled everyone. The greatest tenors of the modern era Pavarotti Carreras Domingo and Bocelli all trace their inspiration back to Lanza. Trained for a career on the opera stage Lanza instead became the first true crossover artist when MGM made him a matinee idol during the 1950s with box office hits such as The Toast of New Orleans The Great Caruso and Because You re Mine. A superstar before the word was even coined Lanza s recordings of The Loveliest Night of the Year Because You re Mine and his signature ballad Be My Love sold in their millions. Mario Lanza had it all: a voice blessed by God Italian good looks and a passionate zest for life. But within ten years the star that glowed so brightly had burned itself out. Lanza s sudden passing in 1959 at age thirty-eight was one of the first tragic deaths of the modern pop and rock era a precursor of what was to come for many great artists battling to live with fame and its darker side. Lanza was a film and recording star supreme but the most dramatic role he ever played was that of Mario Lanza himself. It was a life of fame and passion incredible successes and incomprehensible tragedies. And it was played to a soundtrack of one of the most beautiful singing voices ever heard. This is the story of the great Mario Lanza.

Running Time: 85 minutes
Region: All Regions

Release Date: 20 Mar. 2017

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Release Date27/03/2017
ActorsMario Lanza|Russell Watson|Lesley Garrett|Jospeh Calleja|Ellisa Lanza-Bregman
DirectorsAlan Byron
Run Time85 minutes